Nina Haro is the owner of the family-operated La Cabaña Mexican restaurant, which has been in business under the same ownership since 1963.

The restaurant is run by Nina, her two daughters and her three sons. Her son, Carlos Haro, is General Manager of La Cabaña. Nina Teresa or "Nina chica" is often confused with the Owner who has the same name and does the all the restaurant's beautiful art work, including the wall paintings, menu art work, patio table tops and murals.


The youngest daughter, Barbara, handles most of the bookeeping, while son Larry Rendon works at the front desk as Maitre De'. Robert Rendon, her oldest son, has also worked at La Cabaña in various positions over the years.

Nina "senior" attributes her success to the way she and her family have been able to relate to their customers. "Seeing customers satisfied is our main goal," she says. Apart from spending time at La Cabaña, she enjoys classical music, especially opera, and she also likes doing volunteer work and traveling. 12 grandchildren also keep her busy at times. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University summa cum laude.