About Rene Muñoz

Rene Muñoz, Assistant Manager, has been with La Cabaña for 15 years. He began as a busboy and rapidly grew through the ranks establishing himself as a respected leader among his peers and is now working directly with La Famila as a cornerstone manager with direct ties to the entire staff. He is in charge of payroll, hiring and orientation of new employees as well as scheduling and employee retention. Many of his own family work at La Cabaña including his Father (Ramiro Muñoz, 40 years of service) and his Uncles (ranging from 8 years to 35 years of service). Rene's ability to remain firm in upholding the policies of La Cabaña, yet while acknowledging the staff with dignity and respect, has earned him this prestigious position recognized by all his peers including his own family seniors. He has a love for cars, his family and is a loyal Dodgers fan!