Margarita Sames


La Cabaña has over 18 flavors of Margaritas including it's signature drink: The Original Margarita made with Cointreau and fresh squeezed lime. The Margarita Myth-A Controversial Beginning The original Margarita was invented in 1948 by Margarita Sames who loved the party life. One evening, Mrs. Sames concocted up a recipe known only as "the drink". Her drink became so popular that every time she partied her friends insisted that she make "the drink". On one of her birthdays her husband had some beverage glasses etched with her name across the front in her honor. And thus, the "Margarita" was born. Over the years her potent recipe has been changed or lost completely. In keeping with La Cabaña reputation for authenticity we proudly present...

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